Monday 31st December 2007

New Years eve!

Well its that time again – the end of the year – and time of course for some large parties! I’m DJ-ing in a tiny venue in Liverpool called the lemon lounge, a place dear to my heart, as i was resident/promoter at alderaan there, where we use to bring people like danny howells, lee burridge, parks & wilson, quivver, anthony pappa all to a room with a capacity of 150 people above a pub!

Tonight I’m Dj-ing 11pm-2am so i’m on a the big midnight point, so of course its down to me to play a gem, and as its the capital of culture in Liverpool, I thought I’d better not play a bog standard tune… So I’ve been digging through my racks and Cd wallets to find a gem… its just if I have the balls to play something a bit obscure now! I’ll report back in a later blog!

Have a brilliant one whatevere you are doing!

All the best for 2008

Steve Parry 

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Saturday 22nd December 2007

raver baby, UK hardcore, lethal theory, quosh, next generation, ufology, evolution, evolved, turbulence & uk dance – loads of brand new hardcore in stock today!!!

After a recent dry period with no new hardcore, due to the demise of Amato Distribution, we’re happy to say there are now over 30 brand new titles in stock!!! Check them out below!

Hixxy & Re-Con – Love Comes Quickly / Get Hard (Raver Baby)

System F / Deja Vu – Cry (Re-Con Remix) / Face Down Ass Up (Darren Styles Remix) (Raver Baby)

Scott Brown – Need You In My Arms (Evolution)

Weaver & DMO – Burning / Paradise (Evolution Plus)

Trinity – In Dreams (Dougal & Gammer Remix) (Turbulence Hardcore)

Paradise – The Angel (Sy & Unknown Remix) (Turbulence Hardcore)

Scott Brown – Do What Ya Like (Hyperbass Remix) / Do It Like We Do (Al Storm Remix) (Evolved)

Jamie Ritmen – Run To Heaven / Kill The DJ / 303 Freestyle (UK Dance)

DJ Kurt – Suicide / Right About Now (Lethal Theory)

Seduction & Joey Riot – Brainwashed / Bring The Beat Back (Lethal Theory)

DJ Kurt / Joey Riot / Gavin G & Sytronik / Dandy Crouch – Twilight Zone / Bassline Tremor / Sorry (Hujib Remix) / Emotions & Dreams (Kurt Remix) (Lethal Theory)

Force & Ritmen – Simply Electric (UK Dance)

Hoodzie & Undefined – Fly With Me (Sy & Unknown Remix) (UK Dance)

Force & Ritmen – Break The Silence (UK Dance)

Scott Brown – Livewired / Enlightened (Weaver Remix) (Evolution)

Audiolush – Take Me Away (Brisk & Vagabond Remix) (Turbulence Hardcore)

Ripped 2 Fcuk Volume 10 – Binary Finary / Ayla (Ripped 2 Fcuk)

GBT Inc – Better Day (Dougal & Gammer Remix) (UK Hardcore)

UK Hardcore – Need Your Emotion (Dougal & Gammer Remix) (UK Hardcore)

Bang The Future – Real World (Styles & Breeze Remix) (UK Hardcore)

Darwin / Fracus – Every Day / Love Isn’t Easy (RFU)

Adam Harris – Love You Forever (Vagabond Remix) (Hardcore Paradise)

Heaven 7 – Learning To Fly (Definitive Dance)

Al Storm – Love The Way (Warped Science)

DJ UFO & MC Marley – Connections / Hardcore Underground (Remixes) (Ufology)

DJ Robbo – Listen To Your Heart / Won’t Forget These Days (Ufology)

Brisk & Vagabond – Eyeopener 2007 (Next Generation)

MC Storm / MC Whizzkid vs Sy & Unknown – Scratchin’ 2007 / Raving Is My Life (Quosh Records)

Sy & Unknown – Be With You / Feels So Good (Quosh Records)

Paradise – See The Light / Caught Up (2007 Remixes) (Quosh Records)

You can order all of these titles now over at , or by clicking here!

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Wednesday 19th December 2007

DJ Magazine write up on 3 beat

Click here to read a DJ mag write up about 3 beat

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Monday 17th December 2007

Soundfile Errors!

Apolgies to everybody that keeps getting sound file errors on our website, we have moved to a new hosting server which has caused complications, allback to normal tomorrow!

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Monday 17th December 2007

Society New Boxing Night

Its official – Society has sold out for boxing night! So Dave Whelan, Mike Di Scala, Joe Walsh, Anton Powers, Fran Cosgrave and Milk & Sugar will be completely locked out! So now will it be a huge rush for the NYE tickets??? probably!

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Monday 17th December 2007

Sasha @ The Warehouse Project, Manchester

A few of us from the shop went to see Sasha at the Warehouse Project in Manchester. Apart from freezing temperatures it was a wicked night with support coming from James Zabiela and a top live set from Martin Buttrich. Sasha follwed on with a storming set which included SuperMayer ‘Two Of Us’ on Kompakt, Kevlar ‘Mongoose’, Pryda ‘Muranyi’ and his own tune ‘Who killed Sparky’.

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Saturday 15th December 2007

FINALLY – New hardcore on the way!!!!

After the recent incident with Amato Distribution going into administration, there have been pretty much no hardcore releases on the shelves…

 Well, all that is about to change! We have a rather large box of new titles on the way to us as we speak, from the lovely people at IMO Distribution!

 New releases are coming in from Lethal Theory (Joey Riot & DJ Kurt), Styles & Breeze, Dougal & Gammer, Next Generation, Brisk & VAGABOND, Al Storm, and plenty more – Check out our website in the next couple of days for more info and to order!

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Friday 14th December 2007

Tim Davison – Spark

Tim Davison is a regular DJ at Turnmills in London, and is churning out some fine productions, including his cheeky reworks of Chemical Brothers and Underworld that are about to land with us (he’s also done a wicked Leftfield remix too). His latest track Spark is this years  equivelant of Chris Lake – Changes, with its beefy funked up bass and top piano lines! Big support on my radio show the red zone, and when i’ve been playing out. Big named DJ”s playing this gem include Sasha, Van Dyk, Seaman, Lawler, Paul Thomas & Andy Moor

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Friday 14th December 2007

Rob Cain

Rob Cain is our latest member of 3 beat to join the team, he’s resident DJ at the pleasure rooms and plays at Maximes, Wigan Pier and the likes! He loves his Donk/Scouse/Bounce stuff.. and he records as Total Control well anyway, he’s been raving for the last few days, and he’s in a right funny mood today… Definately worse for wear!

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Thursday 13th December 2007

Voodoo vs Aztec boxing night

Really can’t wait for this with Dj Bone, Steve Shields and myself Jemmy @ The Carvern Club which is obviously one of the most famous clubs in the world because of The Beatles.

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