Monday 22nd June 2015


3Beat200 Sigma ft. Ella Henderson - Glitterball (Packshot)We’ve had the brightest and the brightest of UK musical talent hard at work remixing Sigma’s brilliant new single “Glitterball” featuring Ella Henderson.

They’re all available to listen to now on our YouTube. What’s your favourite?

First up, this from Hollaphonic:

YouTube Preview Image

Next, this from 99 Souls:

YouTube Preview Image

Next up S.P.Y:

YouTube Preview Image

Lucas Maverick disco rack remix:

YouTube Preview Image

D’Silva VIP:
YouTube Preview Image

And a beautfully mellow mix from Goldsmyth:

YouTube Preview Image

“Glitterball” is out on July 24th, but the single is available on iTunes pre-order now!!

You can listen to “Glitterball” on Spotify now too 🙂

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