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Thursday 27th November 2008

Deadmau5 – The Reward Is More Cheese!

Deadmau5 is back with his follow up to  the reaward is cheese with another throbing electro killer with big builds and twisted drops this is going to be another fave on the dancefloor. If the more more minimal sound is your flava flip the 12″ and you have Desynchronised. Both excellent.

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Friday 21st November 2008

K2 Edits Vol 6

Karizma’s back with another killer – double header of remixes and re-touches inc my favourite , a wicked soulful house remix of Trina Broussard’s – Inside My Love & bar dj’s favourite Tom Brownes – Funkin’ For Jamaica. Both fab!! out now at 3 Beat!

Thomas Tuft.

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Thursday 20th November 2008

Jemmy balearic set live @ Kanya IBIZA (Sunset Sept08)

Here is a live recording of my sunset gig @ Kanya/Ibiza in Sept, obviously this is a balearic set, which you’re probably not used to hearing me play, containing chillout records through to house, but same musical principles apply as always but just a different kind of groove… Hope you enjoy


Ellen Allien – frieda
Jose Gonzalez – how long
Culprit 1 – Strings (jemmy ibiza edit)
Radiohead – how to disappear completely
Tom Middleton – beginning of the middle
Mint Royale – the effect on me
Edwin Mulder – 77th Street
Effect samp tree fingers
Oasis – Abel / instrumental (jemmy ibiza edit)
Stephen Lopkin – Big Jock
cr-78 – 2+1 = 24
Naum Gabo – spessivteva
The Stones – sympathy for the devil / fatboy mix


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Monday 17th November 2008

Dj Piere chart

DJ Pierre (Gigolo)
1. I’ve Lost Control by DJ Pierre AKA Tha Master Blaster – Wild PiTcH Mix/Afro Acid Mix – Gigolo
2. Deadly Grooves by Timo Garcia – Original Mix/DJ M-TRAXXX Deadly Dub – Afro Acid Plastik
3. Control by Dataworx – Original Mix – Dataworx Digital
4. Gotta Have some fun by Steve Mac – Original Mix – Sci+Tech Digital Audio
5. Church Of Nonsense by Daniele Papini – Original Mix – Big In Ibiza (UMM)
6. Edding 850 by Format B – original Mix – Highgrade Records
7. Mystic Eye Ep by Woody Mcbride – Mystic Eye Mix – Decoded Records
8. Focalization by Kozin – Original Mix – Telepathy Digital
9. GrindHouse By Radio Slave Feat. Danton Eeprom – DubFire Terror Planet Remix – Dataworx Digital
10. Rej by AME – ATFC’sTwin Cherry Edit – Defected


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Monday 17th November 2008

Radio Slave chart

Radio Slave (Rekids)
1. Michel Cleis ‘La Mezcla’ – CDR
2. Mr G ‘Doesn’t Make Sense’ (radio slave remix) – REKIDS
3. JJAK Hogan ‘Professor Feet EP’ – REKIDS
4. Steve Lawler ‘Kalimba’ – R&S
5. Radio Slave ‘sundazed / no sleep part 6 – REKIDS
6. Danny Fiddo & AFKT ‘Points’ Radio Slace edit – cdr
7. Bookashade ‘Sweet Lies’ Radio Slave remix – Get Physical
8. Gimkk ‘Dancing on the stars’ – Remote
9. Cabin Fever Trax ‘The sun / The Rain’ – Cabin Fever
10. Boola ‘Unknown’ – cabin Fever


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Thursday 13th November 2008

Big Tunes On Defected

2 very big releases on Defected have just landed in 3 beat not to be missed.

Uberfett – El-Zoomah uses Ramirez’s hablando to great effect !

David Penn & Rober Gaez – What is House – a very tasty current sounding peak time houser with spoken preacher like vocal.


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Tuesday 11th November 2008


Well the southport weekender has been and gone once more had a good look round on Sat night & one man stole the show for me Moodyman! With an ecclectic selection of music & his big coat & hood over his head so you could’nt see his face all adding to the Moodymann experience. If you havent seen him Do! here’s a little taster Moodymann

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Tuesday 4th November 2008

Guru Josh – Infinity 2008

Well that uplifting baleric sax hook is back on our dancefloors once more thanks to a brand new  remix pakage from Klaas – Jerome Isma-Ae & Calvertron.  Sure to be a huge club hit again ! Guru Josh – infinity

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Friday 31st October 2008

Theo Parish Q&A

Theo took time to answer some questions for us – we sent them via email and they were returned that way so this is very much a Q&A rather than an interactive interview. Thanks for your time Theo…

Q. You play regularly in the UK – is that because the UK understands your sound, or you understand the UK?

Sometimes there’s understanding, sometimes not, you never know. Its not a conscious strategy…..

Q. Does the sound you produce get shaped by the places you go to?

It Depends on how those folks at that particular party reacted and whether that reaction is inspirationa to me…and if I can get In the studio when I get Home.

Q. You won an award from Giles Peterson for your Sound Sculptures album – does this, or any recognition, change the way you approach making music?

Its tempting to let it change my approach, but that stance can easily stagnate your output, which I definitely avoid.

Q. We love the Ugly Edits – how did they come about?

Fun. at the time I was bored with what i was hearing at the stores.Wanted to make something fun, but something quirky , weird, and in low volume. never anticipated the reaction, however.

Q. Are there too many edits at the moment, and not enough original ideas?

I’d say there arent enough original edit Ideas. AND not enough original ideas.

Q. Your variety of influences is difficult to find in many people, did this help or hinder you with production? Did everyone get what you were trying to do?

My Influences cant be tracked clearly enough to make it as binary as ‘help or hinder’ in terms of my creative output, and, no everyone doesn’t get what I was trying to do, or what I am doing now.. luckily there are more people that get it, though…..

Q. Is there any form of music that you can’t take anything from at all?

Absolutely not. All musical forms have potential in some area or another, be it production value, content, energy, or attitude.

Q. How important is it to play a long set and shape the whole vibe of a night?

Long set, short set, there are only preferences for that musical provider. Personally, I tend to enjoy longer sets, because theres more time to live with those people that showed up, and perhaps tell them a story or two.

Q. You can bring one person back to perform with. Who is it?

There are far too many to bring back. But I would put Jimi Hendrix on lead guitar,with Eddie Hazel. Bob Marley on backup guitar and vocals, Ella Fitzgerald on main Vox, with Phyllis Hyman on Backup Vox, with AAliyah, Miles Davis on Trumpet1, Dizzy Gillespie on trumpet 2, John Coltrane on Sax, Art Tatum on lead keys, Johnny Hammond on second keys, Art Blakey on drums, Jaco Pastorius & James Jamerson on Bass,
with Duke Ellington & James brown directing and writing for them, but when they went in the studio, JD would produce them.

Q. Liverpool play Man United in the European cup final. Who wins?

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Thursday 30th October 2008

Carl Thomas – 2 Pieces

Those cat’s at Raw house records, Dj Leo & Guy Robin deliver another amazingly produced un-official remix, always on the soul / r&b tip thier remixes are always firm fave’s with the a list Soulful house Jocks. check it here Carl Thomas – 2 Pieces

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