Wednesday 9th April 2008

Re-con in 3 beat says hello!

Re-con just popped in to 3 beat.. here he is…

“Hi all, Re-con here – I have just popped in to see my mates in 3 beat and to see what hot new vinyl they have, I noticed that they have the Hixxy remixes of Ultrabeat – Pretty Green Eyes/Better Than Life, which you need in your lives!

I have been busy mixing the new HTID album with Squad-e and Hixxy so look out for that one soon!

Studiowise I have been making tracks with loads of people. Myself & styles made a few tracks, and then I was in with  Breeze, and We have some gems on the way, as do Me & Hixxy, and also I’ve been down to Quosh studios to make sometunes with Unkown… so lots on the way!

See You soon!


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