Friday 5th June 2009

3 Beat Records closes…

They say it’s not over till the fat lady sings – well today is a very sad days as she is singing her heart out in Liverpool. After 19 years the world famous 3 Beat Record Store that fed the world elite dj’s as well as the man on the street’s appetite with everything for the classiest, coolest underground releases to the monster, pop, club crossovers has today shut its doors for the very last time.

The past eighteen months has been tough on traditional music retail with high street chains falling foul of the market shift to downloading and the smaller trader in turn has also felt the pinch.

Jon Barlow the owner of 3 Beat said ‘the past year especially has been difficult – I have invested heavily in keeping the store open but that is now not an option. There is a simple fact that sums up the situation our record label now does not manufacture vinyl – how can we justify running a record shop when we are not backing vinyl as a product from our own label…’

The 3 Beat labels 3 Beat Blue and 3 Beat Red continue to trade and are in fact in fantastic shape moving forward – currently sat at number 3 in the national charts with Agnes ‘Release Me’ the multi talented Swedish Idol winner and a whole host of other releases from Agent X Feat Ultra & Mutya [of Sugababes fame] P Money, Alkazar, Skyla and Cahill.

The end of an era and some of the best times of my life – 3 Beat Records RIP [Pezz]

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