Friday 31st October 2008

Theo Parish Q&A

Theo took time to answer some questions for us – we sent them via email and they were returned that way so this is very much a Q&A rather than an interactive interview. Thanks for your time Theo…

Q. You play regularly in the UK – is that because the UK understands your sound, or you understand the UK?

Sometimes there’s understanding, sometimes not, you never know. Its not a conscious strategy…..

Q. Does the sound you produce get shaped by the places you go to?

It Depends on how those folks at that particular party reacted and whether that reaction is inspirationa to me…and if I can get In the studio when I get Home.

Q. You won an award from Giles Peterson for your Sound Sculptures album – does this, or any recognition, change the way you approach making music?

Its tempting to let it change my approach, but that stance can easily stagnate your output, which I definitely avoid.

Q. We love the Ugly Edits – how did they come about?

Fun. at the time I was bored with what i was hearing at the stores.Wanted to make something fun, but something quirky , weird, and in low volume. never anticipated the reaction, however.

Q. Are there too many edits at the moment, and not enough original ideas?

I’d say there arent enough original edit Ideas. AND not enough original ideas.

Q. Your variety of influences is difficult to find in many people, did this help or hinder you with production? Did everyone get what you were trying to do?

My Influences cant be tracked clearly enough to make it as binary as ‘help or hinder’ in terms of my creative output, and, no everyone doesn’t get what I was trying to do, or what I am doing now.. luckily there are more people that get it, though…..

Q. Is there any form of music that you can’t take anything from at all?

Absolutely not. All musical forms have potential in some area or another, be it production value, content, energy, or attitude.

Q. How important is it to play a long set and shape the whole vibe of a night?

Long set, short set, there are only preferences for that musical provider. Personally, I tend to enjoy longer sets, because theres more time to live with those people that showed up, and perhaps tell them a story or two.

Q. You can bring one person back to perform with. Who is it?

There are far too many to bring back. But I would put Jimi Hendrix on lead guitar,with Eddie Hazel. Bob Marley on backup guitar and vocals, Ella Fitzgerald on main Vox, with Phyllis Hyman on Backup Vox, with AAliyah, Miles Davis on Trumpet1, Dizzy Gillespie on trumpet 2, John Coltrane on Sax, Art Tatum on lead keys, Johnny Hammond on second keys, Art Blakey on drums, Jaco Pastorius & James Jamerson on Bass,
with Duke Ellington & James brown directing and writing for them, but when they went in the studio, JD would produce them.

Q. Liverpool play Man United in the European cup final. Who wins?

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