Thursday 15th May 2008

Sasha Involver 2 interview

Sasha Involver 2 - 3 Beat Records

Here is an interview with Sasha from movement magazine about Involver 2 which we’re all rather excited about in the shop. Quite an interesting read: ‘We caught up with Sasha this WMC during the Global Underground Involver2 party and asked him a few quick one’s about the new album. How is Involver2 going to be different from the last outing? This album is going to be a pure electronic album. The drums are pure 808s and 909s. It gets a four on the floor really quickly and stays there. The last album started off with a shimmery guitar record and went off into spanish guitars and ended up with Ulrich Schnauss at 140bpm. This record is much more leading and much more pure but really uplifting. You could say it’s more minimal but it is not a minimal record. Are you working with anyone new on this album. We’ve got Home Video, Apparat, Teflon Tel Aviv, M83, the track list is sick. How do you keep up with the change in sounds and managing to stay fresh? Well basically as a dj you play the best records that you have got at your disposal…and play what excites you the most and keeping playing and try to make best each set. What about as a producer are your techniques changing? All the time. I went out and bought about $2000 worth of guitar pedals and ever single sound I’ve got has been processed with a guitar pedal…To go through those is so much more statisfying then opening up a plugin and spending 5 hours with it. You have also been releasing tracks under your new label Emfire what been the driving force behind that? We have a lot of tracks that we finished we were thinking what should we do with these. Ten years ago we would have signed a record deal but there are no record labels anymore that want to sign deals so I figured why not just do my own. I don’t have an office its just downloads and a digital ep and it has a whole new track and feel to the releases of the track. Look for Involver2 release later this year.’

Jemmy 🙂

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