Baby Blue Target

Baby Blue

Having started out with features on Estelle’s 1980’s and collaborating with the likes of Sway, Baby Blue is already considered as one of the best female rappers from the UK scene. Her ability to write, sing and play the piano live in her sets has firmly positioned her as one ...

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Track Listing

  Title Artist Time Listen Watch Buy
1 Target (Radio Edit) Baby Blue 3:15 You Tube Icon
2 Target (TS7 Mix) Baby Blue 3:20 You Tube Icon
3 Target (Stinkahbell Radio Edit) Baby Blue 3:41 You Tube Icon
4 Target (Stinkahbell Remix) Baby Blue 5:04 You Tube Icon
5 Target (Perry Mystique Radio Edit) Baby Blue 3:34 You Tube Icon
6 Target (Perry Mystique Mix) Baby Blue 5:03 You Tube Icon