Cahill Take It Back



3Beat’s resident production geniuses Cahill are back with another smash, ‘Take It Back’. The single which features the vocal talents of hot new singer T.Y. has been getting a great response at Cahill gigs across the globe including sets at San Diego’s Gay Pride, Ruby Skye ...

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Track Listing

  Title Artist Time Listen Watch Buy
1 Take It Back Ft.TY (Radio Edit) Cahill 3.31 You Tube Icon
2 Take It Back Ft.TY (Club Mix) Cahill 6:37 You Tube Icon
3 Take It Back Ft.TY (East & Young Radio Edit) Cahill 3:47 You Tube Icon
4 Take It Back Ft.TY (East & Young Mix) Cahill 6:19 You Tube Icon
5 Take It Back Ft.TY (Ill Blu Full Vocal Radio Edit) Cahill 3:31 You Tube Icon
6 Take It Back Ft.TY (Ill Blu Full Remix) Cahill 4:29 You Tube Icon